Warehouse Management System

The warehouse management system (WMS) is the heart of Landis.  The WMS allows us to handle the nuts and bolts of the fulfillment and distribution process. Everything from Receiving to Packing out your orders, whether they are small parcels or pallets.

By using a WMS provided by Veracore (www.veracore.com) Landis can easily define the workflows associated with your program.  From defining the wave criteria all the way to the pack out the WMS allows us to define each and every business rule to insure smooth processing.  


Production Management

  • Directed putaway
  • Wave picking
  • Kit assembly
  • Packing workstation
  • Barcode driven transactions
  • Wireless scanning


Inventory Tracking & Accountability

  • Complete audit trail
  • Time, date and user stamps
  • Item quarantine
  • Lot control
  • Serial number tracking


Shipping Integrations

  • Real-time integration to Desktop Shipper Cloud (DSX)
  • Easy input using barcode scans
  • Save time and eliminate user errors



  • Individual/discrete orders
  • Pick to cart
  • Wireless pick to cart
  • Batch picking
  • Pick from staging / forward locations


Pack and QC

  • Simultaneous pick & pack
  • Secondary packing
  • QC through UPC barcode scan
  • Track package contents


Customized warehouse output

  • Customize our Client’s warehouse outputs: 
    • packing slips
    • pick instructions
    • personalized letters
  • Update client logos, imagery, layout, etc. to match client branding
  • Drag and drop - no programming required


Client Portals

An extension of your business

  • Order and backorder management
  • Product low stock alerts
  • Automated billing
  • Real-time data to support client decision-making 
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Highly customizable
  • Flexible client access levels  

In Summary, the WMS by Veracore allows Landis to handle the challenges associated with a wide variety of fulfillment clients and their associated requirements by being flexible. Additionally, allowing Landis to automate the workflow to accommodate each customer’s unique needs, while still ensuring inventory and order accuracy during the fulfillment process.