Tips for Choosing a Fulfillment Company to Ship Your Products

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As your business grows, the process of getting your product out to the customer consumes a larger portion of the time you have to focus on your business.  Plenty of businesses today are outsourcing the delivery of their customer orders.  This enables the business to focus on managing customer relationships and increasing sales revenue while leaving the picking, packing, and shipment of their customer’s orders to a company that specializes in order fulfillment.  Before choosing an order fulfillment company it is important to feel certain that the products your customers buy from your business are in safe and capable hands. The following are some tips and guidelines for selecting a fulfillment company.

First, before selecting an order fulfillment service, consider the location of the company’s fulfillment warehouse. This is a very important component of your decision because to the location of your product inventory will affect to how the shipping costs involved with each order.  You definitely want to choose a fulfillment company that is close to your  customer base. If your fulfillment company is located close to the customer who place orders with your business, shipping costs will be reduced.  Lower shipping costs can be passed on to your customers.  Since shipping costs often affect the purchase decision, choosing a fulfillment company located in the right place can help to increase customer orders.

Next, you should factor in the size of the fulfillment company’s warehouse.  Knowing the storage capacity, and how much of the existing space is already in use by other customers can give you a good idea of the volume of orders the fulfillment company can handle.  Your business may be small at this time, but you should consider future expansion opportunities.  If your business grows and customer orders increase in volume, will your fulfillment warehouse be able to keep pace with this growth?  You ought to check on the storage fees that the fulfillment company charges to receive and store your product inventory as well.

You need to manage your expectations and understand that order fulfillment services are not perfect. They can and will occasionally make mistakes, and you need to know what they will do in case something goes wrong.  For example, what if your customer receives the wrong product, a partial product shipment, a defective product, or a product that is received late due to a shipping error?  You should ask the fulfillment company about these scenarios what they intend to do to make it right in the event that this happens. This is vital to maintain good customer service.  It would be wise to place a few test orders so you can see how they are packing and shipping each item.

Other things to check for in a product handling company are to the customer support skills and to the order processing.  Will you feel good about handing your customer orders to this fulfillment company?

Proper evaluation and selection of the fulfillment company you choose can save your business money and time, allowing you to focus on other important business matters.  And please put Landis Logistics at the top of your list of fulfillment companies to evaluate!

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