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Article: 7 Reasons to Consider Flat Rate Shipping

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Here is a great, thorough article I found on the Practical Ecommerce website. This is a question that comes up a lot when we are talking to online retailers. I would add to the points in the article that regular priority mail can also be less expensive than the flat rate option so don’t [...]

How Much Should Online Retailers Charge for Shipping?

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One thing online retailers find challenging when operating an online store is deciding how, and how much to charge for shipping. Obviously covering the cost of shipping and handling is a must, but the latest trend for many retailers is to offer reduced or free shipping. It has gotten to the point that many consumers [...]

How Are Returns Handled at an Order Fulfillment Warehouse?

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A frequent question we receive when talking to prospective order fulfillment online retail clients is in regards to the returns process. How does it work - Can you handle returns - Can you inspect the product - How do you report the returns – Etc? In most cases, the answer is that a typical fulfillment service can handle [...]

UPS Adds New Ground Residential Service

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Here is an article on a new UPS delivery service:

Receiving Product at a 3rd Party Order Fulfillment Warehouse

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When a company has outsourced its storage and order fulfillment warehouse operations to a 3rd party distribution center, the receiving process takes on added importance. This is because the company is relying on that warehouse to be their last check to make sure the products they have ordered are getting delivered in good shape and [...]

What is a Bill of Lading?

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A Bill of Lading is a document issued by a consignor (or shipper, such as an order fulfillment center) and signed by a carrier at the time of pick up, acknowledging that specified products have been received on board as cargo for delivery to a named consignee, or destination. It serves as a contract between [...]

Trucking Costs Are More Than Just the State to State Rates

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Okay, you’ve work hard and negotiated competitive state to state rates with your trucking carriers. With fuel costs accounting for 40%+ of logistics costs these days, and the potential for big accessorial charges being occurred at any time from pick up through to delivery, there are a lot of factors to be paying attention to when it comes to [...]