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Social Media for Logistics Group on LinkedIn

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We have created a new group on LinkedIn called Social Media for Logistics. The Social Media for Logistics Group is a forum for individuals to share and discuss their experiences with Social Media as it relates to supply chain logistics. Our goal is to build the group forum into a reference resource with examples and [...]

What are the special considerations for an online retailer selling food products online?

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The whole order fulfillment process is made up of many steps, but there are two factors that apply to dealing with food products. First, the location you choose to store and pack your shipments needs to be food grade, which means it meets certain standards for cleanliness and pest control. The facility is periodically inspected [...]

Eco-Friendly Packaging Options for Shipping Customer Orders

Posted on: February 13th, 2011 by Landis Logistics 1 Comment

The most ubiquitous packaging materials at any fulfillment operation are of course bubble wrap and peanuts. The pros and cons of both are well documented, but the most important thing to know is they are typically made from plastics (as in oil) and are not bio-degradable. With the amount of bubble wrap and peanuts used [...]

2011 Rate Increases from FedEx and UPS – In their own words…

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Export services from the U.S. (all services) will change from 166 to 139. UPS Standard to Canada will change from 166 to 139 (applies to packages 3 cubic feet or larger in size). Import to the U.S. from Canada and Virgin Islands will change from 166 to 139. Dimensional weight for international multiple package shipments [...]

Online Retailers – Integrating your new shopping cart software

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Here is a great article on integrating your new shopping cart sofware from Mark Thompson. ______________________________________ Find more information on order fulfillment on Twitter - @landislogistics The 2011 rate increases from Fed Ex and UPS in their words…. From the Fed Ex Website: FedEx Ground to Increase 2011 Rates December 3, 2010 FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) will increase [...]

Change in UPS and FedEx Rates – In Addition to the General Rate Increase

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If you ship with FedEx or UPS, there was a big with rates you should be aware of – and this is not just the usual annual rate increase. The DIM factor FedEx and UPS use is changing, from 194 to 166 for U.S. Domestic air and ground packages (applies to ground packages 3 cubic feet [...]

Welcome to the Landis blog!

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We recently revamped the look and functionality of our website and wanted to add an area where we can keep you updated on the latest news in logistics.  You’ll find insights from our staff and other helpful information to assist you in your logistics and fulfillment endeavors.  If you have any particular questions please let [...]